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Remember McCain’s Past

As I look at this evening’s Florida results I am highly disturbed that John “I was in Vietnam” McCain won the primary.  Now word is that Rudy Giuliani is going to withdraw and support McCain.  This is awful news for conservatives.  Clearly McCain’s lies about Mitt Romney’s support for timetables in Iraq worked for him.  Romney made it very clear that this was not true at all.  This was a dirty last minute trick by McCain, but I guess it should be expected.

I just thought I would post this video (via RightWingNews) to remind everyone of the awful legislation McCain has not only supported but sponsored

Remember this when you go to the polls.

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    Tennesseefree.com » My Take On Florida Says:

    [...] is a bad and disappointing day for America. Apparently, as Craig Thomas pointed out, the lies McCain spread about Romney’s statements regarding Iraq and timetables [...]

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