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Maryville Looking to Raise Taxes

The City of Maryville is looking to raise taxes by 12%.

Maryville City Manager Greg McClain said this was going to be a tough budget year, due to state and federal cuts and the increase in gasoline prices that affect almost everything.

So what do they do?  They decide to raise taxes because obviously government is the only one having a “tough budget year.”  Do these folks not even realize that the citizens are having to endure the same price increases as the government?

The tax increase will be used for city indebtedness, mainly for a $25 million bond issue for Maryville City Schools. Of that bond issue, $20 million will go for a new intermediate school off Sevierville Road and $5 for improvements at other schools.

The tax hike is a 12-percent increase or $62 per $100,000 value of residential property. One cent on the tax rate equals $71,200.

First reading of the 2009 budget will be June 3 and second and final reading will be June 12.

Total revenue is expected to total $32.3 million, an increase of 6.9 percent over 2008.

Come out and let them know what you think about this tax increase on June 3.  However, they probably don’t care, as this was decided at their “budget retreat at Dancing Bear lodge in Townsend.”

H/T Ben Cunningham at Taxing Tennessee

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