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Full Service BBQ

On my way home from playing golf yesterday, I decided to stop and pick up some supper for Mrs. Thomas and myself.  Along the way is a new barbecue place that has been open for a couple months.  It is called Full Service BBQ.  It is located on South Washington Street in Maryville, TN.  For those of you that have been around Maryville for a couple years, it is located in the old Citgo station next to the Chamber of Commerce building.  I have driven past this place numerous times in the last couple months.  It has always smelled wonderful, so last night was time to engage my taste buds.  You have a couple options when you pull in the old gas station.  You can either park and walk up to the window, or you can pull up next to where the gas pumps used to be and the staff will take your order in your car (hence the Full Service name).  The staff also is wearing dark blue service station uniforms.  It is nice to see they have actually thought through this and car about the image of your business.  After being served, they have a picnic table under the awning or you can take your food to go

I took a quick look at the menu – which had more options that I expected – and decided on a couple pulled pork sandwiches.  I got one small and one large sandwich.  When I arrived at home, I found that both had a good portion of pork, and the large sandwich was certainly overflowing with meat.  The hickory smoke flavor was apparent, and the meat was perfectly done.  On each sandwich were two sweet pickles and a couple small slices of onion.  I tried the pickles, but I am not a sweet pickle fan, so I removed them.  However, the onions added a little interest without distracting from the barbecue.  I elected to get their standard sauce, the Tennessee Whiskey, but a couple other options are available.  My only complaint about the sandwich was I could have used a little more sauce.  Next time I will be sure to request this.

My first experience here was excellent.  I certainly recommend it, and we will try it again.  From what I have seen, most people are willing to try new restaurants at least once.  If it is good, which this was, they will try it again.  It is important that the food and service is consistent.  We will find out when we go back.  There are not many frills to this place, and don’t expect upscale when you go.  However, if you want some good barbecue and good service, check it out.

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