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Rubik’s Cube – Incredible

A local student, Bradley Vorjohan, is apparently very good at solving the Rubik’s cube.  He went to a competition in Pittsburgh to compete against others, and he came back with four silver medals out of nine competitions, and he was in the Top 10 in all of them.

He can even solve the puzzle blindfolded. And with one arm behind his back.

Vorjohan, 15, was able to solve the original Rubik’s Cube with 54 colored tiles, in 16.66 seconds. The smaller 2-by-2-by-2 cube was mastered by this competitive cuber in a mere 2.15 seconds. The object is to configure the squares so that the colors align properly on each face of the cube.

And one of the largest Rubik’s Cubes — a six-sided curved cube with 294 tiles? It only took Vorjohan 7 minutes and 47.72 seconds.

That’s pretty incredible.  And how do you do the puzzle blindfolded?  Ask and it shall be answered:

In the blindfold competition, the speedcubers get the chance to memorize tile positions before being blindfolded to complete the puzzle.


One Response to “Rubik’s Cube – Incredible”

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    William Dirmeyer Says:

    I know this kid, and he is insane.

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