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Newt Makes Strong Bid to Be the Anti-Romney

Following up on a strong debate performance on Monday evening in South Carolina, Newt Gingrich took to the campaign trail across the state of South Carolina.  In doing so, he said what every one knows to be true.  That if anybody besides Romney is going to obtain this nomination, there can only be one other choice.

So any vote for Santorum or Perry in effect is a vote to allow Romney to become the nominee. Because we’ve got to bring conservatives together in order to stop him.

I believe it is only a matter of days until Rick Perry will withdraw from this campaign.  After a poor showing Saturday in South Carolina, he will not have much of a choice.  I think he would have withdrawn after Iowa if Michele Bachmann had stayed in the race.  However, he felt he could benefit from her withdrawal. Hopefully the voters in South Carolina that do not agree with Mitt Romney will rally behind one candidate.  It appears Mr. Gingrich is poised to be that candidate, but can he get enough support away from Gov. Santorum? What will the field look like after Florida?  Certainly this is a long race for the nomination, and if Perry and Santorum withdraw after this weekend or after Florida, the former Speaker still has a chance to become the nominee.  But will this happen or is Rick Santorum hoping for the same thing out of Gingrich?

We would have a very exciting race on our hands if the field was whittled down to three (because we know Ron Paul is in for the long haul as well) in the next couple weeks.  The real question would be whether Mr. Gingrich would have the money to continue and also if he could overcome history by not winning South Carolina and still become the nominee.

I predict that Gingrich will be within the margin of error of  Gov. Romney when the last polling comes out Thursday or Friday, and we will have a close race to watch Saturday.

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