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Random Ruminations of the Past Week

Over the past week, there have been several things to blog about.  Unfortunately, I have not had or made the time to do so.  Thus, I will do a brief summary post of some of my thoughts. Gas Prices: Late last week, there was a shortage of gasoline in much of the Southeast.  Within less […]


Gas Prices

I saw a post this evening that reminded me of this topic.  That and the fact that all everyone talks about anymore is the price of gasoline.  I realize that oil prices, and thus gas prices have gone up dramatically in the last couple years.  However, I am frustrated with the outrage of these prices.  […]


Cost of Commuting Relief

According to a Wall Street Journal article today: A handful of small towns and community colleges are switching to four-day workweeks in an effort to help employees cope with the rising gasoline prices, and could soon be joined by some larger local governments. Michigan’s Oakland County and New York’s Suffolk County are both considering putting […]



Cartoon by David Horsey H/T  An Ol Broad’s Ramblings


More Deceptive Ethanol

I stopped at the Exxon on the corner of Hunt Road and Old Knoxville Highway this morning in Blount County to fill up with gas.  Much to my dismay, they too are now putting 10% ethanol in their gasoline and trying to pass it off as regular gasoline.  Of course I drove away.  Just beware.


Ethanol in Gasoline – Follow up

Just a quick follow-up to my post HERE about stations putting 10% ethanol in gasoline. One of the Weigel’s stations that is now doing it says their gasoline sales are down $2,000 over the last month.If you disagree with stations putting 10% ethanol in gasoline and then trying to sell it as regular gasoline at […]


Misleading Advertising with Ethanol in Gasoline

Recently in the East TN area a Pilot Oil Company began selling E-85 ethanol at some o their stations. In addition to this, however, they began adding 10% ethanol to their regular gasoline. They didn’t lower the price, though. Yesterday another local station I stopped at, Weigel’s was doing the same thing. Nowhere on their […]

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